Creating an Amazon Kendra index

You have two ways to create an Index with Amazon Kendra, one is programmatically by using AWS CLI or the AWS SDKs and the second is through thAmazon Kendra console.

Complete the following steps to set up the Amazon Kendra index. An index can contain documents that are indexed from a data source, documents that are added directly to the index, and FAQs. Once the index is active you can index your documents using the operation or using one of the supported data sources.

In this first step, create a Kendra Index in the Amazon Kendra console.

  1. Sign into the Amazon Kendra console, and in the top right corner, verify your AWS region is set to N. Virginia.

  1. Click on Create an Index.

  1. On the Index details page, fill the following fields and choose Next.
  • Index name: Workshop-Index
  • IAM Role: Create a new role
  • Role Name: Workshop-Index-Role
  1. Under IAM role Select Create a new role and call it Workshop-Index-Role.

  1. Click on Next.

  1. Select Developer Edition and click on Create.

  1. Wait until the process is completed.

  1. After your index has been successfully created you will be able to move to the next step.