Creating a Sharepoint Online connector

Now that you have created a user, you will create the connector.

  1. On the Amazon Kendra console select your Index.

  1. On the left menu, click on Data sources.

  1. Click on Add data sources.

  1. Click on the Add connector button for the SharePoint Online connector.

  1. Enter a name for you data source and click Next.

  1. Under URLs enter your Sharepoint Online site url, it should follow the format, select Create a new role and enter a name for it.

  1. Under type of authentication click on New, enter a name for the secret and your Sharepoint Online user’s (with owner rights on the site) username and password. For schedule we will choose on demand. Click Next.

  1. We will add a new field mapping to ingest the Created By attribute on Sharepoint.

  2. In this case Sharepoint uses the name Author internally. Click on Add new field mapping:

  1. On the create a new field from the data source field we will enter Author (Sharepoint Online uses this name internally for the column Created By) as the field name and for the data type we will select String. Click on Add.

  1. Click on Next.

  1. Review your settings and click on Create.

  1. After the Data source is created, click on Sync now.

  1. Wait until the sync process finishes.