Creating a ServiceNow Online Connector

  1. Back on to Amazon Kendra’s console select your index and under Data management click on Data sources.

  1. Click on Add a datasource.

  1. Select ServiceNow Online.

  1. Enter a data source name and click Next.

  1. Enter the ServiceNow hostname and version, and select Create a new role. After entering a name for your new role, click Next.

  1. Choose New on Type of authentication, enter a name for your secret (this will be stored securely on AWS Secrets Manager) and you username and password for ServiceNow Online. Click on Save authentication.

  1. On the ServiceNow configuration section select which kind of content will be indexed by Kendra.

  1. For the schedule we will choose Run on demand. Click Next.

  1. Choose the default field mappings for Knowledge articles and Service catalog items, then click Next.

  1. On the summary page, review your settings and click Create.

  1. After the creation process is finished, click on Sync now.