Enabling Facets

  1. Click on Facet definition:

  1. On the _category row, click on the Facetable column and click Save.

  1. Click on Search console and perform a search.

As you can see, without filtering or faceting you receive an answer to your question.

So what would happen if you have assigned attributes with categories such as Machine Learning or Security and you want to give the user the ability to customize their search results after the fact?

For scenarios like this, Facets become handy. For example, explore which results you get by setting the attribute to Security:

Also, if you have the Well Architected Category, you could obtain a relevant result for that category:

Now, add more facet options. Back on the Facet definition screen, add number_of_pages and _created_at as facetable:

Here is another search, this time, you will see that you have additional filtering options: